BMW Park Lane Classic has completed the preparation of an iconic 1973 BMW 1602, commissioned by the Historic Endurance Rallying Organisation (HERO) to be included in an inspiring line-up of historic cars tackling the 17th annual, acclaimed LE JOG event (10 – 13 December). An entry list of over 70 cars will battle it out on a gruelling 1,400 mile course between Land’s End and John O’Groats with the longest night navigation section ever to be included in the event’s illustrious history.

Toby Partridge and Tomas de Vargas Machuca with the 1973

Renowned as one of the toughest challenges of its kind, the LE JOG is open to cars built before 1984. The popularity of this Reliability and Touring Trial enables crews from around the world to experience the heyday of British Rallying by day and night, driving across a course that stretches from the extreme south west of the UK through to the north of Scotland using as many minor roads as possible.

BMW Park Lane Classic provides owners of classic and historic BMWs with a parts and restoration service that can keep their highly-treasured and valuable cars on the road. Showcasing the capabilities of this specialist division, BMW Park Lane Classic prepared the blue and white sporting coloured 1973 BMW 1602 to support HERO’s popular ‘Arrive & Drive’ event programme for LE JOG. The work undertaken on this classic saloon included aluminium plating of the interior, the introduction of a roll cage, installation of a bespoke loom, an engine rebuild and a complete repaint.

Tomas de Vargas Machuca, Managing Director of HERO said: “Our ‘Arrive and Drive’ hire service offers people who don’t own a classic car the opportunity to experience our event for the first time with this spectacular BMW. LE JOG is HERO’s toughest event, so the cars need to be reliable and well prepared and that is what BMW Park Lane Classic represents. The generations of today are looking back at BMW models such as the 1602, 2002, 3000 CSL and remembering them as the cars they always wanted to have. The 1602 taking part in LE JOG is owned by HERO but has been restored by BMW Park Lane Classic to an Appendix K spec. The service has been excellent and a clear demonstration of how to bring a car back to its former glory in a professional way. The partnership backs our desire to break the barrier and get more enthusiasts involved in our event or similar movements in the future.”

Toby Partridge and Tomas de Vargas Machuca with the 1973

Toby Partridge, Managing Director of BMW Park Lane explained: “BMW takes its heritage very seriously and BMW Park Lane Classic is a service that we feel extremely privileged to be able to offer. We have access to a back catalogue of 35,000 genuine BMW parts and we can provide customers with access to highly-skilled individuals who have extensive knowledge of older BMW models and are dedicated to helping customers find the parts they are looking for. We were delighted to be invited to team up with HERO for a project that perfectly reflects the BMW philosophy that cars are there to be driven and enjoyed. Everyone at BMW Park Lane Classic involved with this restoration had great fun working on this venture and the end result was a stunning looking BMW 1602.”