BMW on Google+


Google have recently launched their Google+ Pages. The Google pages were a long awaited and anticipated product for many internet users who wanted to get their brand and business on the Google+ Social Network.

Google launched their Profile pages earlier this year but started to delete Public Profiles which were used for Business purposes. This helped created a bigger need for businesses to get their companies on the Google+ Business Network.

When Google launched their business pages earlier this week it were a very big thing and immediately caught the media attention and thousands of companies around the world that jumped on the Google + pages.

One such big company which can now be found on the Google+ Pages is BMW. BMW are now interacting with their followers on Google+ and provides useful and valuable information to their followers.

BMW Google Pages

On the Google+ BMW pages followers can view images and photographs of various BMW cars on the pages. We like this, the setting is less formal than the BMW site and users can share their favorite cars to their own profiles, share the information with friends and also comment and talk about the topics, articles, images and videos that were posted on the BMW site.

The Google+ pages are opening a whole lot of new potential and possibilities for BMW and its clients. The Google+ pages are going to revolutionize the way we currently use the internet and how we interact with Businesses. In our opinion this is going to have a positive outcome for all businesses involved.

“Here at 3D Car Shows we are excited to see how brands have adopted the Google+ Business Pages so quickly after its launch earlier this week. The Google+ pages should have a positive impact on all of us, and offers an easy means to interact with our favorite brands. We here at 3D Car Shows want to congratulate BMW for their early adoption of the Google+ Business pages.”

Here at 3D Car Shows we have also created our

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