BMW M5 Interior and control concept: Unalloyed M feeling in a luxurious ambience

  • Sports car cockpit with M-specific displays and buttons allowing set-up adjustment according to individual needs.
  • Steering wheel now has two M Drive buttons.
  • Spacious, high-quality and exclusive interior with M sports seats and Merino leather upholstery.


The interior of the new BMW M5 brings together an inimitable combination of the driver-oriented cockpit design of a sports car, the spaciousness of a prestige sedan and the luxurious feel of a premium model.

Bespoke M sports seats, fine-grain Merino leather upholstery with extended features, door sills with “M5” lettering, an M driver’s footrest, exclusive aluminium Trace interior trim strips and the BMW Individual roof liner in anthracite are all standard equipment, as is the iDrive control system with an up to 10.2-inch Control Display. This screen is centrally positioned and, like the controls in the central section of the instrument panel, tilted slightly towards the driver.

The instrument cluster with black-panel-technology includes classical circular instruments in traditional BMW M car style, with red needles and white illumination, as well as model-specific displays and the M logo in the rev counter. The shift program currently selected and gear engaged are shown in the centre of the instrument cluster. Feedback from all the drive and chassis settings, selectable at the touch a button, is also displayed in the cockpit.

Distinctive centre console design with buttons allowing various set-up options.

Positioned on the specially designed leather-covered centre console around the gearshift lever for the M Double Clutch Transmission with Drivelogic are the buttons allowing drivers to select their preferred settings for all the adjustable drive system and chassis functions on the BMW M5. The DSC mode, performance characteristics of the engine, Dynamic Damper Control mapping, M Servotronic responses and M DCT Drivelogic shift program can all be adjusted independently. This allows drivers to put together a detailed set-up configuration for their car and store it by holding down one of the two M Drive buttons on the multifunction steering wheel.

BMW M5 Interior

For safety reasons, a set-up which includes switching DSC to “MDM” or

“DSC Off” can only be activated after the driver has confirmed the request by pressing the M Drive button a second time. The relevant symbol on the instrument cluster shows which set-up has been selected.

Two M Drive buttons now included to activate the individually configured set-up options.

The multifunction buttons on the M leather steering wheel in the new

BMW M5 allow the driver, among other things, to operate the cruise control system and the audio and telephone functions. On the left-hand steering wheel spoke the driver will now find two M Drive buttons, which he can use to call up a pre-configured set-up for the car. For example, the driver can save a sporty configuration using the “M1” button and a comfort-biased set-up via the “M2” button. The set-up selected will remain activated until the driver either cancels it by pressing the button again or switches to another M Drive setting. Once the system has been switched off – as when the engine is started – it reverts to a default configuration focusing on efficiency and ride comfort.

No fewer than six parameters on the new BMW M5 can be adjusted using M Drive. In addition to the engine management, Servotronic characteristics, transmission shift program, DSC mode and Dynamic Damper Control system, adjustments can also be made to the information shown on the standard-fitted Head-Up Display. As well as the conventional features, an M-specific display can also be selected. The settings accessible using the M Drive buttons can also be configured in any combination via the iDrive menu.

Active Sound Design delivers precise feedback.

M5 drivers will be given an even more direct reminder of their car’s performance capability by technology that brings the distinctive sound of the high-performance V8 – in all its glory – into the cabin of the new BMW M5. The Active Sound Design technology specially developed for the new

BMW M5 takes its cues from the driving situation at any one time to deliver an accurate reproduction of the engine’s sound through the car’s audio system. The system’s digital signal processing exchanges data directly with the engine management, allowing it to reflect the engine’s revs and torque, and the car’s speed over the road. The result over a smoothly driven journey is a discreet soundtrack in keeping with the harmonious and assured characteristics of the V8 powerplant. A stamp on the accelerator, meanwhile, prompts an immediate audible response to match the instantaneous – and typically M – burst of power from beneath the bonnet.

In generating its signals, Active Sound Design takes its cues from the firing sequence of the eight-cylinder engine and the frequency range of the exhaust system. This gives the driver an extremely accurate impression of current engine load and an even more intense sensation of the V8’s high-performance characteristics. At the same time the Active Sound Design control unit ensures an even spread of sound across all five seats of the new BMW M5, while observing the legal guidelines governing noise emissions inside and outside the car. The characteristics of the sound produced by the technology also adjust to the engine settings selected by the driver. For example, switching to “Sport” or “Sport+” mode sharpens not only the engine’s responsiveness but also the acoustic experience inside the car.

Exclusive touches through high-grade leather upholstery and interior trim strips.

Standard leather upholstery comes in a choice of black, silverstone and sakhir orange, with Merino full-leather upholstery offering the same colour variants. As well as aluminium Trace, interior trim is also available in the fine-wood variants Fineline anthracite and ash grain brown.

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