BMW i seals partnership deal with Good Energy for Green Electricity supply in the UK


BMW i continues to forge ahead with its strategy for sustainable  electric mobility and responsible charging, which has led to a new  partnership with Good Energy Ltd in the UK. This partnership includes  the provision of 100per cent green electricity to households of BMW  customers throughout the UK (with the exception of Northern  Ireland).This will allow BMW i3 and BMW i8  owners to charge their  vehicle using renewably sourced electricity while at home.


Good Energy sources all its electricity from certified renewables  across Britain,. No other energy supplier in the UK can promise that,  making Good Energy the natural choice to power BMW i – and the entire  household. With some of the strictest purchasing policies in the  energy industry, and a main electricity tariff that’s certified by the  independent Green Energy Supply Scheme, Good Energy has the rigorous  product specifications and sustainability requirements customers would  expect from any BMW i partner.

The partnership with Good Energy helps to displace CO2 emissions from   ‘power plants to tailpipe and fulfill the BMW objective of providing  truly low carbon driving. BMW will be the first electric vehicle  manufacturer in the UK to offer a holistic product portfolio including  a specially developed and purpose-designed home charging unit with  complementary green electricity products and services.

This partnership will allow Good Energy to work closely with BMW to  further develop custom-made green electricity tariffs for Electric  Vehicles. This will take the UK’s supply and demand, as well as  typical charging behaviours, into account to maximise the positive  effects of Electric Vehicles on the national CO2 footprint.