BMW F 700 GS and BMW F 800 GS Electrical and electronic systems


In terms of the electrical system, the new F 700 GS and F 800 GS continue to use a CAN bus system. This single-wire system (SWS) offers a wealth of benefits: it reduces the amount of wiring required, allows all control units to be networked and thus makes comprehensive diagnosis much simpler. What is more, conventional fuses are no longer required because the system automatically deactivates any component affected in the event of malfunction.

BMW F 700 GS F 800 GS 2012

Since the introduction of CAN bus technology, electronic vehicle immobilisation has been a standard feature of BMW motorcycles. To start the engine, more is required than the appropriate key bit: the chip integrated in the BMW key also has to send the correct code to the ring aerial of the combined handlebar and ignition lock. Only then does the engine control system allow the engine to be started. This technology offers what is currently the most secure and reliable protection from theft. A battery with 14 ampere-hours and an alternator with an output of 400 watts ensure a reliable power supply.

New switch units and an extended range of information.

The latest generation of BMW Motorrad switches is now used in the new
F 700 GS and F 800 GS, too. The new switch units are much smaller and more compact thanks to MID technology (MID = Molded Interconnect Design; printed conductors rather than individual wiring) and offer a wider range of functions, a clear design and optimum usability.

Here the functions for the left and right turn indicators – previously separated – are now clustered in a single function on the left-hand side of the handlebars.  The hazard warning flashers are activated via a separate, clearly visible switch integrated at the top of the left-hand handlebar panel. The functions for low beam, high beam and headlamp flasher have been combined in a switch which is located near the left index finger for convenient access.

The activation switch for the grip heating has been placed at the top for further improved usability and the functions for starter and killer switch practically combined in a rocker switch. This means that if the killer switch is activated by mistake, it prevents the starter from being triggered when the ignition is not switched on and discharging the battery. ESA and ASC are also activated by means of a combined rocker switch.

The cockpit of the new F 700 GS and F 800 GS with vertically arranged analog engine speed display and speedometer and information panel has been optimised. Newly designed dial faces now ensure even better legibility of road speed and engine speed. And the rider now gets feedback on the fuel level and coolant temperature as a standard feature – two functions which were previously only available as ex work options with the on-board computer.