BMW F 700 GS and BMW F 800 GS Body and design


As in the popular predecessor models, the F 700 GS and F 800 GS of model year 2013 also benefit from reduced width in the area of the seat and front section due to the slimline construction of the frame and engine, ensuring optimum ground reach and a narrow standing width.

BMW F700 F800 GS

The low overall centre of gravity makes for outstanding off-road qualities and easy vehicle control, and the large steering angle – derived from a narrow steering head – is a bonus when riding over rough terrain. Wide handlebars suitable for enduro riding – made of cylindrical steel tubing with a new clamp in the F 700 GS and made of double-butted aluminium tubing in the F 800 GS – support the easy, agile handling of the two machines.

The wide range of adjustment provided in the hand levers for the front brake and clutch allow adaptation to individual rider preferences. The wide footrests with vibration-damping, removal rubber tops are ideal for off-road riding and lengthier tours.

The new BMW F 700 GS and F 800 GS display their kinship as authentic members of the BMW GS family more strikingly than previously with revised body features and optimised ergonomics. Their slim, wiry look gives them a feeling of lightness designed to arouse the desire to embark on motorcycle adventures. Clear lines and the selective combination of painted areas with black components give them a purist appearance with a dash of robustness typical of the enduro style.

Off-road or urban – new, authentic characters with optimised functionality in typical GS style.

The model revision has given the front sections of the new BMW F 700 GS and an even clearer shaping, perfectly in line with the character of the model. The new side trim sections are a key element here, giving both models a perceptibly more striking look.

The new body features of the F 700 GS and F 800 GS also include a reworking of the “beak” above the front mudguard – a BMW GS hallmark. This has been redesigned in both models, providing excellent functionality as a splash guard in keeping with the orientation of the F 700 GS and F 800 GS.

Different windshields are available for the two models to match the specific character of each of them. These offer optimum protection from airstream and integrate perfectly in the styling of each bike. As always, the extensive BMW Motorrad range of special accessories offers alternatives here: a choice of tinted or more touring-oriented windshields leave nothing to be desired in terms of individual customisation.

The overall impression conveyed by the lines is much more dynamic. The flatter design of the lower edge means the new side sections give the vehicle a more elevated, mature look, especially in the new F 700 GS.

Meanwhile the differing design of the intake snorkel and the positioning of the BMW logo, model inscription and turn indicators highlight the distinct characters of the two 2-cylinder models. While the new F 800 GS displays its masculinity and off-road capability, the new F 700 GS emphasises its urban character.

New smoke grey glasses for the turn indicators and a smoke grey glass covering on the LED rear light cluster reflect the dynamic aspirations of the new F 700 GS and F 800 GS, now offering a more harmonious match with the overall look of the new BMW GS models.

Optional seat height reduction based on lowered suspension now also available in the new F 800 GS.

With a standard seat height of 880 millimetres, the BMW F 800 GS clearly reflects its off-road orientation with long spring travel. In response to frequent requests for a reduced seat height, especially among shorter riders, BMW Motorrad now offers a lowering option in the F 800 GS in conjunction with a low seat. A reduction by 60 millimetres to just 820 millimetres now ensures accessibility and reachability for riders of smaller stature.