BMW Delivers First All-Electric ActiveE in the US


The next chapter in BMW’s EV development takes to the road

BMW active e

Woodcliff Lake, NJ – January 13, 2012… BMW today delivered the first all-electric ActiveE in the US and  began the next chapter in its electromobility strategy. Ludwig  Willisch, President and CEO of BMW of North America presented the keys  to a BMW ActiveE to Tom and Meredith Moloughney who will begin their  two-year lease today. As one of the inaugural MINI E pioneers in 2009,  today they officially became the first ActiveE Electronauts.

“Calling the Moloughneys Pioneers is very appropriate because  they have shown the world that an electric vehicle can absolutely  serve one’s daily driving needs without compromise,” said  Ludwig Willisch, President and CEO of BMW of North America. “We  learned a lot from all of our experience with the MINI E and we are  looking forward to learning more in these next two years with the BMW  ActiveE as we prepare for the launch of the first BMW i models in  2013. We are pleased that Tom and Meredith have agreed to stay with us  on this journey.”

The BMW Group’s electromobility development strategy began with  the MINI E Field Trial in the summer of 2009.  When the MINI E  trial program began, one of the main open questions was, could a  private individual live with an electric vehicle on a daily basis  without changing their driving habits? The MINI E pioneers proved  without a doubt that not only could it be done, but that doing so  required no change in their daily routine, with the exception of  plugging-in instead of stopping at the gas station. No one has proven  the viability of an EV as daily transportation more conclusively than  the Moloughneys, who logged over 72,500 miles in MINI E # 250 in just  two-and-a-half years.  That is as much driving as the typical  American driver does in five years and they did it without burning so  much as an ounce of gasoline.

The Moloughneys today became the first of what will be 700 BMW  Electronaut households who will lease a BMW ActiveE for a two year  period.  Deliveries will continue over the next several weeks. As  the MINI E provided valuable insight into life with an EV, the BMW  ActiveE lease period will again be used to gather feedback that will  be part of the development of the BMW i3 which will come to market in 2013.

The ActiveE is the only car that is 100% Electric and 100% BMW,  providing the performance and efficiency everyone has come to expect  from The Ultimate Driving Machine®.  With output of 170 hp  and maximum torque of 184 lb-ft from a standstill, The BMW ActiveE  accelerates from 0–60 mph in under nine seconds.  Newly  developed lithium-ion batteries facilitate a driving range of up to  100 miles on a full charge.

The BMW ActiveE will be available for lease in the metropolitan  markets of Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, New  York, Boston and Hartford for $499 per month for 24 months with a down  payment $2,250. Anyone in those markets interested in leasing one of  the 700 BMW ActiveEs coming to the US should visit


project i – research and development of tomorrow’s    mobility.

The BMW ActiveE is the BMW Group’s next step towards an  emission-free, mass-produced electric vehicle. Within the framework of  project i, the BMW Group is carrying out research and development work  on the development of electrically powered vehicles. The next step  will be the BMW i3 due to launch in 2013.  It will be designed to  meet the demands of a sustainable mobility solution for congested  urban areas. For this reason, the drive components and battery  technology that will be used in the BMW i3 are being tested in the BMW ActiveE.

Ongoing field tests involving more than 600 MINI E cars, including  450 in the US, have already provided vital knowledge about the demands  on future electrically powered production vehicles. Beginning with  year in the US, Europe and China, a test fleet of over 1100 BMW  ActiveE vehicles, produced at BMW’s Leipzig plant, will provide  further valuable insights into the everyday use of the vehicle. The  findings will serve to deepen the knowledge already gained on the  everyday use of electric vehicles and to learn more about customer  requirements. The feedback from customers testing the MINI E and the  BMW ActiveE will be fed directly into series production of the BMW i3,  which will be launched in 2013.