BMW ConnectedDrive: Multimedia – more music, favourites and extended radio functionality


On the multimedia front, a 40 GB hard drive makes for a far richer in-car entertainment experience. Meanwhile, the Music collection search function has been reprogrammed to allow the desired track to be located for playback even faster than before. The extended toolbar principle is once again employed for fast access to additional sub-menu options, as well as even greater simplicity and ease of operation.

BMW Connected Drive Interface

New playback functions have been added for a more pleasurable entertainment experience. If the driver likes the song that’s currently playing, for instance, and would like to hear more of the same, simply activating the new “More like this” function generates a new playlist containing similar tracks from the Music collection. The facility for saving favourites in the Music collection by clicking on the “Add to favourites” star icon during playback is another new feature. All favourite tracks can then be found together by going to the Playlists menu item.

Radio+: seeing what you’re hearing.

For the first time, FM radio programmes are accompanied by graphics in the central information display’s player screen, just like digital radio. Where
FM radio stations broadcast the necessary data (via radio text or radio text+), the artist, album and genre cover will now be visualised in the same way as they are when listening to DAB radio or using a top-of-the-range device. And even if no data is transmitted by the station, a generic genre cover and the station name will be displayed for a neat, high-quality effect.

BMW Online widgets.

Besides the online functions, widgets can be displayed in split-screen mode. These miniature versions of the BMW Online browser apps have been optimised for the split screen, and blend harmoniously into the high-quality display of the remaining contents. It is initially planned to include a clock as well as a Panoramio widget, with further widgets set to follow.

BMW Connected Drive