BMW British Touring Car Championship Infographic


Over 90% of the BMW 1 Series has been modified for the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC); the only parts kept from the original are the doors, the boot and the bonnet.


The body shell is one of the only parts to survive from the original car. The engineers take a lot of brackets out of it as well as most of the road car insulation between the skins and then it gets de-bracketed. They also cut away at the chassis legs that fit the standard controls.
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The BMW Racing Car Door

For safety there is a roll-cage, the car has a carbon honeycomb composite crash panel on the side of the roll-cage and then inside the door there is some high density energy absorbing foam.

The BMW Wheels

The wheel rims are Championship parts, so everyone in the race has the same. The brakes are also Championship brakes, on the front there is a 6 pot caliper and on the rear a 2 pot caliper. The front discs are 340mm in diameter and are ventilated. The rear discs are also ventilated.

The BMW Bonnet

There is an on-board fire extinguisher system with four nozzles under the bonnet in the engine bay, two in the cockpit with one aiming at the fuel tank and one at the driver.

The BMW Gearbox

The BTCC car has a six speed sequential gearbox, which is built by XTRAC, and is different from the manual and automatic gearboxes found in road cars. There are common gear ratios between the BTCC and F1.

To view some more of the modifications, simply click on the infographic above on the highlight sections to find out exactly how the car has been modified.