BMW at the LA Auto Show and Tokyo Car Show


BMW is taking their New Concept Cars to the Los Angeles Motor Show (LA Auto Show) and the Tokyo Car Show. The LA Auto Show is taking place during November in Los Angeles USA and early December in Japan at the Tokyo Motor Show.

BMW I Concept Car Front View

We here at 3D Car Shows were lucky enough to see the BMW I Concept at the Johannesburg Motor Show in October 2011. We have taken several images of the concept car and have included some on this page.

We have also found these video’s from BMW giving us some more insight about the BMW I – Concept vehicles. In this animations you will get the basic idea of how the BMW I – Concept will be working once it is launched!

“In this video you can see how the BMW Concept Car works. In the video BMW shows us how the vehicle gets charged, and how the batteries works.”

“In this video animation you can see how the BMW I30 Concept Vehicle Instruments will work when the car is officially launched”

“In this video you will be able to see an animation of the different parts of the BMW I-Concept and how everything fits together”

“The New BMW I-Concept Electric Car – a 3D view of the BMW I Concept. See the full vehicle in 3D”

“3D BMW I-Concept – See both vehicles in 3D”

More Images of the BMW I – Concept Electric Vehicle:

BMW I Concept Car

“Rear View of the BMW I Concept Vehicle” – Photograph Gerald Ferreira 3D Car Shows – Johannesburg Motor Show

BMW Front View I Concept Electric Vehicle

“The BMW I Concept Vehicle in South Africa. The Car will also be at the LA Auto Show 2011 USA and the Tokyo Motor Show 2011 in Japan”

Front View of the BMW I Concept Car

“Front top view photograph of the BMW I Concept Vehicle”

BMW Front Side View of the BMW I Concept Car

“The New BMW I Concept in South Africa. If you are in the Los Angeles area make sure to visit the LA Auto Show in November to see this car in action or early December in Tokyo at the Tokyo Motor Show.”

BMW I Concept Photo

“Photo of the BMW I Concept Car”