BMW 2 Series Convertible now available in South Africa


Kitted out with powerful engines, sophisticated chassis technology, finely balanced weight distribution and – uniquely in this class – rear-wheel drive, BMW is bringing an unmistakable brand of driving pleasure to the premium compact segment.


Elegantly sporty design and an intense open-top motoring experience are the stand-out features of BMW Convertibles. And the BMW 2 Series Convertible brings together dynamic handling and refreshing open-air driving pleasure at a new level. The compact four-seater’s powerful engine technology, athletic proportions, sweeping lines and hallmark “boat deck” character where the interior and exterior merge all raise the bar in its segment in terms of sporting and aesthetic appeal.


The BMW 2 Series Convertible follows in the tyre tracks of the pioneer and undisputed leader in its class: the BMW 1 Series Convertible entered the fray as the first open-top premium model in the compact segment, went on to defend its position as clear market leader against subsequent pretenders to its throne, and achieved sales figures in excess of 130,000 units worldwide (more than 2,900 in South Africa).


The development team for the new BMW 2 Series Convertible has focused squarely on building on the strengths which proved pivotal to this success. With even more grace, athleticism and sharpness about its design, clear advances in terms of acceleration, agility and efficiency, and improvements in the driving comfort, functionality and innovative equipment features it offers, the BMW 2 Series Convertible takes the qualities displayed by its predecessor to yet another level.


The scope of the progress made as part of the handover between generations is immediately visible in the design of the new car and instantly noticeable in its performance capability. Moreover, the BMW 2 Series Convertible – like the recently launched BMW 2 Series Coupe – occupies very different ground from the BMW 1 Series, far more so than its predecessor. This demarcation is evident in both its design and its extremely powerful range of engines.


As with the Coupe, the distinctive character this engenders is encapsulated in its model designation. The number 2 has a special importance in the model history of BMW and, since the arrival of the BMW 02 range more than 45 years ago, has identified the presence of exceptionally sporting driving pleasure in a compact car. Introduced in 1966, the 02 series went on to become a byword around the world for sporty, agile handling – and from 1967 these gifts could also be enjoyed with the roof down. Specialist coachbuilder Baur wasted little time in developing a pair of soft-top variants based on the BMW 02 range which remained in production until 1975.