During this period of austerity, councils up and down the country, in an attempt to save money, are taking the decision to switch street lights off; plunging many motorists into darkness.

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Some councils first started to switch street lights off back in 2007. Since then the number of authorities taking such action has grown. Out of 27 councils, 21 have now switched off some street lights after midnight or turned some off altogether. Councils are favouring turning the lights off between the hours of Midnight and 5am.

Switching street lights off can compromise road safety. Drivers may struggle to see objects, hazards and other road users clearly.

According to a report from Autoglass and conducted by road safety expert Nick Gkikas, 78% of motorists think switching street lights off is dangerous.

The report then went on to highlight the risk associated to pedestrians and cyclists. With 40% of pedestrians and 64% of cyclists out during the hours of darkness there is a higher involvement of incidents with pedestrians and cyclists than during the day.

While motorists may not agree with the decision, councils seem to still see switching lights off as a viable way to save money.

Drivers therefore need to take precautions and should adjust their driving style and take extra care when driving at night. Motorists should also check that all their exterior lights are working and that the light units are not damaged or dirty.

The good news for motorists is that there is a way to improve visibility on the road through upgrading their headlight bulbs.  Headlight bulbs on cars have been developed to produce increases in light output, thought unimaginable 2-3 years ago.

Ring Automotive has been leading the innovation in car headlamp bulbs to produce the XenonUltima, the world’s first bulb to produce 120% more light on the road compared to a standard bulb.

This increased performance allows objects to be seen earlier and more clearly at a distance of 75m on a dipped beam, giving drivers time to react.

Combining 100% xenon gas and an advanced filament technology, the bulb produces an exceptional night driving experience.

The longer beam pattern enables other road users to be seen more clearly and allows motorists more time to react to potential hazards.  Better reflections from road marking and signs make for more comfortable and safer night driving.

XenonUltima bulbs are street legal and being a simple upgrade from standard bulbs, require no changes to vehicle wiring.

With street lights being switched off in the early hours, XenonUltima bulbs will help motorists to see more clearly.