Bike Trac, the renowned motorcycle tracking device from Road Angel Group, was instrumental in the recovery of a large number of machines last week, after a Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade with the device fitted was stolen and recovered within just 24-hours, from a lock-up containing a host of other stolen vehicles too.

Honda CBR 1000 RR

Initially alerted that the bike had been moved at 6.15am on Tuesday 27 March, the Honda Fireblade was first tracked to a location in Wandsworth, London, before being identified at another location via Bike Trac’s additional RF signal technology later that evening.

With a warrant obtained by the Metropolitan Police and a representative from Bike Trac on the scene, officers entered the premises pin-pointed by the system and not only recovered the stolen Honda, but found a further four complete stolen motorcycles, an array of dismantled stolen bikes and a ringed car.

Bike Trac’s Bill Taylor, commented, “Naturally we are absolutely delighted to have been able to play a part in this big recovery. The system firstnotified us of a potential theft early on Tuesday morning, but we suspect the thieves were well-practiced and attempted to beat any possible tracking device fitted by positioning the bike out of contact. However, we were ableto pick up a new location on Tuesday evening, and then by utilising the RF signal that Bike Trac provides too, we were able to pin-point the bike toan exact location within a few hours. A truly great result and a real bonus to find the rest of the haul too. A big thanks must go to DC Paul Mostyn,DC Mike Pilbeam and DC Gavin Smith of the Metropolitan Police for their assistance in this and other Bike Trac related cases.”

Honda (UK)’s Fiona Cole added, “Organised bike theft, particularly within the London area, is a real issue so we took the decision last year to fit Bike Trac units to selected motorbikes on our PR bike fleet as the systemhas a number of great features and proven benefits. Due to the system sending both email and text alerts to the owner following an unusualmovement of a bike, we were able to quickly take hold of this situation and ultimately guide the police to locate our stolen Fireblade. Thefact that this also brought about the recovery of further stolen vehicles is a superb result and I’d encourage everyone with a motorcycle to fit atracking device, not only to help protect their cherished vehicle but also to help in combating vehicle crime which costs the motorcycle industry,insurance companies and ultimately bike owners, dearly.”