Held in conjunction with Car Dealer the Bangers4BEN event has been given a major revamp for 2012 and will now be known as the Big BEN Rally. This event takes place from Saturday 13 October until Tuesday 16 October and makes the trip from Dover to Barcelona.  It will not only support BEN the automotive industry charity but also two other charities in Barcelona.

Big BEN Rally goes to Barcelona

The principle of the rally remains the same – each team has to come up with an original team name, purchase a car for no more than £500, decorate it, drive to Barcelona, back again and sell it at auction with the funds being raised donated to BEN.  The winner is the team whose vehicle raises the most money at the auction sale after the purchase price has been deducted.

As part of this year’s Big BEN Rally and in aid of the fantastic work that St Georges Church does for Shoebox Charity and Sabadell Donations, the participants will be making a stop to St Georges Church to drop off donated supplies that were part of the challenge to collect prior to departure.

Car Dealer Magazine’s Editor James Baggott said, “Since Bangers4BEN began four years ago, it was never our intention for the event to become repetitive. That’s why this year we have decided to support two more charities and, thanks to some helpful feedback, change the name of the event. This year promises to be the most successful year ever.”

Kelly Neal, BEN’s Events Manager commented “The Big BEN Rally (formally known as Bangers4BEN) is one of our most popular and largest fundraising events in the BEN calendar.  Every year we think it can’t get any better but the participants always raise the bar with their support and effort – this makes it an event not to be missed!  It is great to see everyone have fun while not forgetting the reasons for taking part.

Everyone gets behind BEN to ensure that it can continue to provide support to our industry colleagues and their dependants in times of need.  This year’s event has an extra spin where we will also be supporting two other charities in Barcelona with clothes and Christmas parcels.  It is great that BEN can offer that little extra help to others too.  This event does have limited places so please don’t delay in booking as I hate having to turn anyone away.”