BharatBenz India Sell 1000 heavy-duty trucks


A Big Hit: Over 1,000 BharatBenz heavy-duty trucks sold in India after only 3 months

  • Three-month review: shortly after the sales start in 2012 Daimler sells over 1,000 Indian BharatBenz trucks
  • BharatBenz truck portfolio receives national award “Apollo Commercial Vehicles of the Year 2013”
  • Market launch of other new models planned in 2013

BharatBenz India

Three months after the launch of the first BharatBenz trucks for the Indian market, Daimler subsidiary, Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV), is taking stock. From the start of sales on September 26, 2012 until the year-end, DICV sold 1,098 heavy-duty trucks between 25 and 31 tons. DICV will be launching other new models of the BharatBenz brand as early as in the first quarter of 2013 and will bring a total of 17 different BharatBenz models from 6 to 49 tons on the Indian market until 2014.

After only three months on the market, DICV has already garnered two coveted awards from the prestigious Indian Commercial Vehicles magazine. The first award coined the heavy-duty truck with a vehicle weight of 31 tons as “Apollo Truck of the Year 2013” in the category of long-distance transport. In addition, the BharatBenz truck range has been crowned with the national award “Apollo Commercial Vehicle of the Year 2013”.

BharatBenz Trucks

“These successes are a tribute to the dedicated efforts put forth by our employees on a daily basis since the creation of the BharatBenz brand two years ago. Despite the market conditions, which were anything but easy, we managed to establish the BharatBenz brand on the Indian market,” emphasizes Marc Llistosella, Managing Director and CEO of DICV. “I am confident that we will continue to be successful in the very competitive Indian market through our reliable products and services in close proximity to our customers.”

DICV can look back on an eventful year in 2012. After the opening of the state-of-the art production location in Chennai in April of last year, DICV began production and sales of the heavy-duty BharatBenz trucks from 25 to 31 tons. Production of medium-duty truck models from 9 to 12 tons followed in October 2012. These trucks will be sold on the market in India starting this year.

About Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt. Ltd.

DICV is a wholly owned subsidiary of Daimler AG and has been producing trucks for the “modern domestic segment” since 2012. DICV is gearing up for the rising demand for modern trucks for the volume segment in India. The products are closely aligned to the requirements of the important customer segments, from individual business drivers through to the largest fleet operators.

In collaboration with local dealers from the passenger car and commercial vehicles area, DICV is currently building up a brand-exclusive BharatBenz dealer network throughout India. Daimler subsidiary Daimler Financial Services India Plt. is offering financial services products and insurance solutions under the BharatBenz Financial brand as an auxiliary service for the business of DICV with its BharatBenz brand.