Best Time to Buy a Brand New Car: New Year Sales


Want to own a Brand New 2012 Car in 2011. Then you may want to head over to a Car Dealer today. We have visited Toyota, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Ford and Chevrolet Dealers this morning to find out what type of “New Year Deals and After Christmas Sales” we could get.

We have spoken to some of these Dealers and one thing all of them revealed were that their Car Sales over Christmas and December are usually not as good as they want it to be. They said that one of the reasons why it is more difficult to Sell a Car in November and December are because people want to rather buy their Car in January so that they have the current year’s model starting at the beginning of the year, and do not want to lose money for a Car that have been bought in December and are now registered as a 2011 model and not a 2012 model.

Buy your new BMW today and get it registered in 2012.

If you want to buy a new BMW but were waiting for January before you buy your brand new BMW you can now head over to your closest BMW dealer and discuss the year and model and registration problem with the Dealer. According to the Dealers that we spoke to it is possible for you to buy the BMW today and it will only be registered in 2012.

Hyundai New Car Sales:


“Hyundai have a spesial promotion up on their website where you can get to Drive an Hyundau i30 into the new year”

According to one of the Hyundai dealers one of the secrets of buying a car and keeping to get most from the value of your car is to purchase your new car in the beginning of the year instead of the middle of the year. He invited people to come and test drive their Hyundai cars today and discuss a plan where you can buy your Car today and have it as a 2012 Registered Model.

Toyota Hilux New Year Car Sales:

The Toyota dealer we spoke to convirmed what we have heard from the dealers at BMW and Hyundai. They said that the best time to buy a car is to buy it just before new year. In many countries the car will only be registered in 2012 due to the DMV being closed and the Cars cannot be registered between Christmas and New year.

This gives you the opportunity to drive a Toyota bought in 2011 registered as a Toyota 2012 model.

Mercedes-Benz, Ford and Chevrolet New Year Specials

 The Dealers of Mercedes-Benz, Ford and Chevrolet Cars also invited Car Buyers to come into their dealerships and to come test drive their latest cars. They also confirmed that just before New Year is the best time to buy a new vehicle and that you can come and speak to them about the best deals this year!