Best Superbowl Commercials 2012


If you have missed out on the BEST SUPERBOWL COMMERCIALS 2012 do not worry we have a list of the “Best Superbowl Commercials for 2012”. In our top list there are several automotive companies displaying their products and technologies during the Super Bowl 2012 game.

Best Superbowl Commercials 2012

Best SuperBowl Commercial 2012 Audi

The Audi Super Bowl Vampire Commercial have received more than 4,942,688 views since it were officially launched on YouTube a few days ago. There are a lot of controversy surrounding the add. The Audi New Bright Lights kills all the Vampires at a Vampire party. The

Audi Super Bowl Vampire Commercial 2012

 are both our Worst Super Bowl 2012 advertisement as well as our Best Super Bowl Commercial 2012.

Best SuperBowl Commercials 2012: Chevrolet

The Chevrolet Mayan Apocalypse video made our “Best Super Bowl Commercials 2012”. In the video the world comes to an end as predicted by the Mayan Calendar. Some people survive the ordeal simply because they drove Chevrolet’s. Chevrolet gives Ford a low blow by saying that Dave one of the survivors friends did not make it, possibly because he was driving a Ford.

Audi SuperBowl Commercials 2012 YouTube

We do not like the idea that your car will kill your friends, but if we look at the amount of people who have viewed the Audi Vampire Advertisement it is either Good Marketing or people really do like the Audi Vampire Super Bowl 2012 Commercial.

Best SuperBowl Commercials 2012 Valentines Day

The Valentines Day Advertisement by Teleflora hit some very fine notes and have caused some controversy with their Super Bowl Commercials 2012. In the Valentines Day Commercial Model Adriana Lima offers men advice for Valentine’s Day. This Commercial made our top list simply because the model is gorgeous.

Best SuperBowl Commercials 2012: Best Buy

We simply loved the “Best Buy” super bowl 2012 Commercial for it’s simplicity and clear message. In the Best Buy commercial they show some of the best and most popular advances in the smart phone industry and show some of the people who have invented these things.

Then they go to a “Best Buy” store and make the statement that Best Buy offers the Best ways to buy smart phones with unbiased advice. The Best Buy advertisement were simple yet powerful and get a well deserved place on our “Best SuperBowl Commercials 2012” list

Best SuperBowl Commercials 2012: It is half time America

In this commercial Chevrolet and Clint Eastwood brings a very important message to America and humanity. In the advertisement Chevrolet and Clint Eastwood say that it is half time, and the determining time is infront of us! The Chevrolet It is half time America is a must watch SuperBowl 2012 Commercial and deserve a spot on our list of “Best SuperBowl Commercials for 2012” if you haven’t watched it yet we highly recommend that you do so now!

Best SuperBowl Commercials 2012: Kia Motor Company

The Kia Super Bowl Commercial deserves a spot on our “Best SuperBowl Commercials 2012”. The video shows the lighter side of live and the American Dream. The SuperBowl are about sport and the video show a variaty of different sports during the few seconds it plays. The video succeeds as it makes you want to drive a KIA, it looks like fun driving a KIA. We here at 3D Car Shows simply loved this advertisement and KIA deserves a well earned spot on our “Best SuperBowl Commercials for 2012” list!

SuperBowl 2012

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