Best Super Bowl XLVII Ads Volkswagen 2013

Published by Gerald Ferreira Date: January 24, 2013
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Best Super Bowl XLVII Ads

Volkswagen have today released their Super Bowl XLVII ad, following in just behind Mercedes-Benz and Toyota who have released their Super Bowl XLVII ads earlier today.

Every year the motor companies entertain millions of people with their Super Bowl ads and this year they are starting even earlier than previous years, bringing out teaser ads to get people in the spirit of Super Bowl Ads.

Jimmy Cliff covers The Partridge Family theme song in “Sunny Side” pre-game release by Volkswagen of America.

Without revealing to much about the Volkswagen ad that is going to show on Super Bowl XLVII sunday, the automotive companies seem to be sucessful with their ad campaigns leading up to February 3, 2013, making people curious about what they are upto!