Best Super Bowl Commercials: Complete List


Best Super Bowl CommercialsHere are some of the Best Super Bowl Commercials this year. Many Manufacturers have chosen to pre-release some of their advertisements on the YouTube before Super Bowl Sunday.

Some Advertisers even asked their users to rate their Super Bowl Commercials online, promising to show the Commercial with the most votes during the Super Bowl Broadcast.

We have created a list of the Best Super Bowl Commercials for 2012. In the list you can decide for yourself which is your personal Best Super Bowl Commercial for 2012.

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Best Super Bowl Commercials: Smash Clip on YouTube

“Smash” is a larger than life drama that follows a cross section of dreamers and schemers who have one common desire – to make it on Broadway.

Commercial Views: 53,187


Best Super Bowl Commercials: Doritos® – Man’s Best Friend on YouTube

It’s up to you to decide which commercials will air on the Super Bowl. And for every 100,000 votes we get, we’ll spice things up by giving away $10,000 to one lucky voter.

Commercial Views: 957,846


Best Super Bowl Commercials: – The Cloud on YouTube

Make your online dreams come true in Go Daddy’s Internet Cloud.

Commercial Views: 34,034


Best Super Bowl Commercials: Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt on YouTube

Here it is: the Oikos greek yogurt Super Bowl ad that aired during the 3rd quarter of the game! Vote for Oikos on the USA Today – Facebook Super Bowl Ad Meter.

Commercial Views: 1,115,761


Best Super Bowl Commercials: Thursday Comedies – Crank on YouTube

Commercial Views: 957,846


Best Super Bowl Commercials: Bridgestone – Performance Football on YouTube

Commercial Views: 640,133


Best Super Bowl Commercials: Awake – Which is which? on YouTube

Can you wake up from reality?

Commercial Views: 58,985


Best Super Bowl Commercials: Disney – John Carter Super Bowl Ad on YouTube

Walt Disney Pictures and the NFL are giving viewers an opportunity to enter The John Carter Journey to the Super Bowl Sweepstakes during the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 5, 2012. The Grand Prize winner will receive a trip for two to the 2013 Super Bowl game.

Commercial Views: 79,938


Best Super Bowl Commercials: Budweiser – Return of the King

A town celebrates as the World Famous Budweiser Clydesdales usher in a historic moment in American History. Delivering Great Times Since 1876

Grab Some Buds!

Commercial Views: 206,525


Best Super Bowl Commercials: Official Lexus 2012 Big Game Commercial: Beast

The wait is over. The bold new face of Lexus is here, and it cannot be contained. Watch Lexus’ first-ever commercial for the “big game”, introducing the all-new 2013 GS and a glimpse of what Lexus has in store for 2012.

Commercial Views: 316,651


Best Super Bowl Commercials: Budweiser – Eternal Optimism

Highlights of American achievements throughout history, with the assurance of more to come, Great Times Are Always waiting…

Grab Some Buds!


Best Super Bowl Commercials: ACT OF VALOR SUPERBOWL AD

An unprecedented blend of real-life heroism and original filmmaking, Act of Valor stars a group of active-duty U.S. Navy SEALs in a film like no other in Hollywood’s history. A fictionalized account of real life Navy SEAL operations, Act of Valor features a gripping story that takes audiences on an adrenaline-fueled, edge-of-their-seat journey.

When a mission to recover a kidnapped CIA operative unexpectedly results in the discovery of an imminent, terrifying global threat, an elite team of highly trained Navy SEALs must immediately embark on a heart-stopping secret operation, the outcome of which will determine the fate of us all.


Act of Valor combines stunning combat sequences, up-to-the-minute battlefield technology, and heart-pumping emotion for the ultimate action adventure film–showcasing the skills, training and tenacity of the greatest action heroes of them all: real Navy SEALs.

Best Super Bowl Commercials: Swamp People Super Bowl Ad

Check out what’s in store for the Swamp People in Season 3, premiering Thursday, February 9

Commercial Views: 77,862


Best Super Bowl Commercials: MetLife – “Everyone” Game Day Commercial

MetLife believes every family, everywhere, should have the financial security they need. We’re on a mission to make the complicated, simple

Commercial Views: 266,830


Best Super Bowl Commercials: Cadillac ATS | “Green Hell” Super Bowl XLVI Commercial

We developed the all-new Cadillac ATS on the Nürburgring, a grueling stretch of German asphalt known as “The Green Hell,” to push both car and driver to their limits. So, if anyone tells you that Cadillac can’t beat the world’s best, just tell them to go to “Green Hell.”

Commercial Views: 412,077


Best Super Bowl Commercials: Pepsi – King’s Court Super Bowl

Sir Elton John and The X Factor winner, Melanie Amaro, face off in an epic, medieval music showdown. Proving once again, Where There’s Pepsi, There’s Music

Commercial Views: 2,406,872


Best Super Bowl Commercials: Toyota Camry 2012 Big Game It’s Reinvented

Toyota reinvents more than the Camry in this Big Game version of the blockbuster commercial that started it all. What would you like #reinvented?

Commercial Views: 512,107


Best Super Bowl Commercials: Bud Light Platinum – Factory

Triple filtered. Smooth finish. Top shelf taste. Introducing Bud Light Platinum

Commercial Views: 83,341


Best Super Bowl Commercials: Free to Pee – TaxACT Super Commercial

The truth about free has been let loose. Free feels good, and no other free tax return feels as good as TaxACT, the most complete free IRS return for everyone, including you!


Best Super Bowl Commercials: Audi 2012 Game Day Commercial – Vampire Party

See the new Audi 2012 Super Bowl commercial and find out what happens when an Audi S7 shows up at a party full of vampires.

Commercial Views: 5,661,018


Best Super Bowl Commercials: Hulu Plus Super Bowl Commercial – Huluboratory

Hulu reveals the Evil(er) Plot To Destroy The World with Hulu Plus, the latest alien weapon to turn human brains into #mushymush. Will Arnett unveils the “Hulu boratory” — a hive of R&D, where aliens invent sinister ways to rot human brains.

Commercial Views: 99,633


Best Super Bowl Commercials: Cheetah” Official big game ad for Hyundai Veloster Turbo

Trust us, it’s fast. And with a 7-inch multimedia touchscreen, a 450-watt dimension® premium audio system, and Pandora® Internet radio, there’s a lot more the 201 horsepower Veloster Turbo can do — besides outrunning a cheetah.

Commercial Views: 1,094,286


Best Super Bowl Commercials: Coke 2012 Commercial: “Superstition”

We all have our game day superstitions. Even Polar Bears

Commercial Views: 119,897


Best Super Bowl Commercials: NFL Fantasy Million Dollar Fan

You could win $1,000,000 playing the new fantasy game from the NFL.

Commercial Views: 53,047


Best Super Bowl Commercials: Chrysler Commercial – It’s Halftime in America

It’s Halftime in America. And our second half is about to begin. All that matters now is looking ahead and finding a way forward.

Commercial Views: 2,730,612


Best Super Bowl Commercials: Acura – Transactions: 2012 NSX Big Game

Jerry Seinfeld is so excited about the new Acura NSX that he will stop at nothing to acquire the very first one. See what else Jerry would do for the first new NSX.


Best Super Bowl Commercials: 2012 Super Bowl Ad – Confident You takes you inside the showroom of a dealership where a knowledgeable car shopper is talking to a friendly dealer. Thanks to and a thorough side-by-side comparison, this is no ordinary visit. As they’re chatting, the car shopper’s inner confidence is unleashed from his neck and shoulder in the form of smooth Disco-singing head. “Baby, I want that car!” offers side-by-side comparisons, reviews, listings, pricing tools, and more to make sure your inner confidence will come out, too.

Commercial Views: 356,314


Best Super Bowl Commercials: Coke 2012 Commercial Catch starring NE Bear

This game day spot will change depending on the circumstances. If the 2nd quarter is particularly stressful, then NE_Bear will relieve some tension when his friends toss him a Coke…if he can catch it.

Commercial Views: 356,314


Best Super Bowl Commercials: Chevy Sonic Stunt Anthem

2012 Chevy Super Bowl Commercials: The all-new Chevy Sonic is up for adventure. Watch Sonic’s first time skydiving, bungee jumping, kick flipping, and performing with OK GO. 100% real stunts


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