Best Super Bowl Commercials 2014 – Maserati


Best Super Bowl Commercials 2014 – Maserati


Every year most of the big Automotive Manufacturers show their ads during the Super Bowl game. These ads are usually the best commercials all year round that these companies comes up with, and is designed in such a way that people talk about these ads for weeks after the super bowl if they were really good. This year Maserati Motor Company came out of nowhere with their ad “Now we Strike back” and for many car fanatics this is just what they did.

Maserati just went out and bought one of the most expensive advertising spots in the world, and they did not tell anyone beforehand that they are going to have an ad at the Super Bowl. Many of the Ad Agencies try to get maximum exposure for their ads, and would regularly spoil these ads by releasing them way before the actual Super Bowl Super Sunday game.

Being Maserati’s first ever Super Bowl Advertisement they could have easily spoiled the fact that they were advertising at the big game and like many other companies gain more exposure for their ad by spoiling it early. However the Maserati had a MUCH BIGGER impact on people who like Maserati, and were surprised by seeing Maserati in a Super Bowl Commercial.

This year our award for the “Best Un-spoiled Super Bowl Commercial” from the automotive industry goes to Maserati.