Best Super Bowl Automotive Commercial ever


Best Super Bowl Automotive Commercial


Today it’s Super Sunday and the Broncos and SeaHawks are ready to take each other on in one of the most anticipated NFL Games this season. Not only will the teams take each other on in the field, but hundreds of Marketing Companies and Advertising Agencies will also compete today for the BEST 2014 Super Bowl Commercial.

Being in the Automotive Industry, and seeing that the Automotive Companies love advertising at the Super Bowl, we thought it a good idea to select one Super Bowl Automotive Advertisement from the past and crown it as the ALL TIME Best Super Bowl Automotive Commercial.

One of the Advertisements that really caught our attention were the “THE FORCE” commercial by Volkswagen. The Volkswagen “The Force” advertisement features a young boy dressed up as DARK VADER from the STAR WARS series.

The boy walks around and try to use “THE FORCE” to move objects. He continually tries his luck without giving up, but as he go along you can see that he is getting disappointed and frustrated that he cannot use the “Force”.

His father finally comes home, and the boy runs out to his dad’s car a Volkswagen and try his luck with the car. His dad sees this and starts the engine by remote control and makes the kids day!

The advertisement touches several human psychology spots which makes it in our opinion one of the “BEST SUPER BOWL AUTOMOTIVE COMMERCIALS” ever!

The video have since the 2011 Super Bowl received almost 60 Million views, 225 Thousand Likes and is by far one of the best commercials ever made by Volkswagen!

It would be interesting to see what the Automotive Companies are going to come up with this year, and to see if they will be able to beat “THE FORCE” Super Bowl Commercial by Volkswagen!