Best Super Bowl 2013 Commercials: Toyota “I Wish” Starring Kaley Cuoco


It is Super Bowl 2013 Time again and the Automotive Industry seems to once again be jumping at the opportunity to get maximum exposure from Super Bowl Sunday. Traditionally Super Bowl Advertisements and Commercials are mind blowing good…

Best Super Bowl CommercialsBest Super Bowl Commercials

Today Toyota have released their first teaser Super Bowl 2013 Commercial. The advertisement is not giving too much away at the moment in the lead role is actress Kaley Cuoco best known for her role as object-of-nerd-affection Penny on The Big Bang Theory.

She is walking the streets of the city and granting wishes to people in the streets, one person grows taller, another a basketball player. She then gets into a Toyota Rav4 which seem to be the real object of focus in the advertisement.

Super Bowl 2013 Ads

The Toyota Super Bowl 2013 Advertisement is about 35 seconds long and is not giving to much away about what Toyota have planned for the Super Bowl. However we believe that in the next few days Toyota is going to tease us up to Game Day to find out what Toyota have in store!