Best Super Bowl 2013 Commercials – Audi Advertisements


Audi USA have released 3 videos that you can vote for to be featured on Super Bowl Sunday on February 3, 2013. The idea is that you choose from 3 videos and the best of the video or most popular video will be broadcast on Super Bowl Sunday.

Best Super Bowl Advertisements

It is a clever way for Audi to get the Best Video to play on Super Bowl Sunday. By getting internet users to select the best Super Bowl 2013 ad ahead of the super bowl will also help Audi to select the video with the most appeal to be displayed on Super Bowl 2013 Sunday and knowing that the video they select to be featured have already attracted the most average likes.

To see the videos that Audi are planning to show on Super Bowl Sunday you can visit the Audi Youtube Channel at on the tabs, you will see a tab Big Game, it is here that visitors can pick their Best Super Bowl Ads.

On the Audi Youtube Super Bowl pages visitors can pick one of their favorite videos by voting for it.

Audi Super Bowl Advertisement 1

Audi 2013 Big Game Commercial – “Prom” (Worth it)

A slightly insecure teenager is unhappy about going to the Senior Prom without a date. But when his Dad lets him borrow the new Audi S6 for the night, he gains more and more confidence with every mile, arriving at the Prom a changed young man. You’ll have to watch to see if his newly found bravery pays off.

Audi Super Bowl Advertisement 2

Audi 2013 Big Game Commercial – “Prom” (Buddies)

Check out the 2nd of three alternate endings to the 2013 Audi Big Game commercial, where one brave young man ends the night with some unexpected company.

Audi Super Bowl Advertisement 3

Audi 2013 Big Game Commercial – “Prom” (Tradition)