Best Scores for London 2012 Football Google Olympic Game


    Google Olympic Games London 2012 football

    10 August 2012, Google Olympic Games Doodles – Today Google have launched their 4th Google Olympic Games Doodle. This time the Doodle is about the London 2012 football games. In the game you are the goalie and need to defend as many goals as you can.

    London 2012 Football Google Olympic Game

    The game is fairly easy to play once you get a hold of the controls. To move the goalie left or right you simply press the left or right keyboard buttons. If the player kicks an air ball you can jump and defend it by pressing the space bar on your keyboard.

    The nice thing about the London 2012 football Google Olympics game is that it also allows you to control the goalie using your mouse.

    Immediately after the first Google Olympic Games have launched people started playing and competing against each other, posting their best scores everywhere to see how they compete with other players.

    The London 2012 football game is not time driven; the computer needs to score three goals for the game to end. This will allow for some players to achieve big scores in the London 2012 football game and it would be interesting to see what the highest scores are for the London 2012 football Google Olympic Game.

    If you played the London 2012 Football Google Doodle game, feel free to post your scores in the comment sections of our site. This will help us to determine the best London 2012 Football score and also give our readers an idea of what is an average score for the game.

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