Best April fool’s Day jokes for 2012


Yesterday it was April fool’s day. This year April Fool’s Day fell on a Sunday and many people may have missed the best April fool’s day jokes because they did not have access to the internet or may have been away from the internet busy with their usual Sunday activities.

April Fools 2012

If you have missed some of the April fool’s day jokes and they are no longer available you do not need to worry. Here at 3D Car Shows we love a good prank and have created a special section on our website for the Best April Fool’s Jokes. You can view the jokes on our

April fool’s Day


The best April fool’s day joke and most believable for us were the Google Nascar 2012 April Fool’s day joke. Even Sergey Brin one of the founders of Google participated in the joke. We also liked the joke because it was related to the Motor Industry. The fact that Google stated in October 2012 that they have developed software to assist people with driving and enable people to place their cars on autopilot made the Google Nascar 2012 April Fool’s day joke even more believable.

Here at 3D Car Shows we think that the Nascar Google April Fool’s day joke may for the moment be just a joke, but with technology one never known’s and we could one day indeed see self-driven cars racing.

For now, until April fool’s 2013 – Hope that you have enjoyed the jokes just as much as we did!