BEN, the automotive industry charity celebrated its 107th birthday from 16-22 July 2012. The week-long celebration, National BEN Week, was a fantastic success with 15 companies going ‘Back 2 School’ to raise funds for BEN. The overall amount raised is being counted as it is received and will be revealed in the near future.

Ben Back To School

This year’s new theme ‘Back 2 School’ gave previous and new participants the chance to get creative and think of some great ideas of what to do to raise the suggested target of £107, in recognition of BEN’s age. So far a variety of events have taken place ranging from the popular Non – School Uniform Days to a challenge themed sports day where one company managed to run, cycle, swim, row and X-train an amazing 300 miles. Other popular ideas have been school tuck shops, school dinners and pop quizzes.

Kelly Neal, BEN’s Events Manager said: “National BEN Week is such a big event in the automotive calendar not just for BEN, as it is our birthday celebration, but also for many people within the industry. The new theme this year has raised a lot of interest and I would like to thank everyone who took part so enthusiastically. We hope that they will continue to support BEN and take part next year.”