David Beckham OBE Sir Ian Botham OBE Gareth Edwards CBE Dame Kelly Holmes DBE MBE Denise Lewis OBE Sir Steve Redgrave CBE

Jaguar sport

06 June 2012. An incredible lineup of British sporting heroes has joined forces for an exclusive Jaguar Academy of Sport workshop to provide the chance for a new generation of young budding sporting talents to learn from their idols.

The Jaguar Academy of Sport works in partnership with the charity SportsAid to support and encourage selected young athletes – ‘Rising Stars’ – providing them with funding, guidance and the ability to thrive in their chosen discipline.

The Academy’s Rising Stars were invited to Altitude at London’s Millbank Tower, as part of The Academy’s commitment to Mentoring and Education, to attend a workshop and Q&A with some of Britain’s most successful sportsmen and women. Giving up their time to support the initiative were David Beckham, Sir Ian Botham, Gareth Edwards, Dame Kelly Holmes, Denise Lewis and Sir Steve Redgrave – each sports stars that have, at some point, defined their respective disciplines.

Focusing on striving for excellence the Rising Stars were exposed to Legends most people of their age just see in print or on TV.  The event provided a once in a life-time opportunity to discuss what it takes to make it to the top with the biggest names in sport and how to cope with the environment this level of competition brings.

Jaguar Academy of Sport Patron David Beckham commented: “I’ve really enjoyed spending time with the 2012 Rising Stars, they are all clearly very talented young athletes and asked some really great questions, I hope the answers myself and the other Patrons provided will stick with them and help on their journey to the top. I look forward to following them on their journey to the top.”

Jaguar Academy of Sport Rising Star Hamish Carter commented: “Opportunities like this are fantastic, to be in the same room as my heroes is amazing, but to be able to ask them questions and find out what they think was the highlight of my year! I would never be able to meet these legends without the Jaguar Academy of Sport and this opportunity will help me achieve my dreams.”

Jaguar Academy of Sport Patron Sir Ian Botham commented: “It’s been a magnificent day for the Jaguar Academy of Sport. The Rising Stars here today have been very lucky to have us all in the same country let alone in the same room and I hope we have inspired them on their path to future success.”

The Jaguar Academy of Sport has been established with the intention to support British sport long term. Each Rising Star receives a Bursary Fund and a unique Mentoring and Education Programme (MEP). The MEP is an integral part of the Academy’s success and provides the Rising Stars with invaluable non-financial support they need to compete at the highest level and opportunities like this, to ask their heroes questions is invaluable to that journey.