BCA has announced the retention of two major volume contracts, with UKcargroup.com and Jardine Motor Group committing to sell the vast majority of their combined volume with BCA into 2012.  The UKcargroup.com and Jardine agreements are for 12 month periods.


Sales Director Mark Hankey commented “These two accounts represent a substantial volume of vehicles – well into the tens of thousands – that will be available to BCA buyer customers this year.  With the continued squeeze on supplies of good quality stock generally available to the wholesale markets, this is good news indeed.”

BCA will handle nearly all of the available stock for remarketing from UKcargroup.com, and the majority of stock from Jardine, with the balance being benchmarked through other remarketing suppliers.

Noel McKee, Managing Director of UKcargroup.com commented “BCA are geared to delivering a consistently high level of service across our account and generate excellent returns for the widest range of stock – whatever the age, mileage or condition.  We conducted stringent benchmarking exercises with a number of remarketing companies and while some suppliers may look cheaper on paper, when it comes to positive outcomes BCA are the best in class.”

Simon Everett, Group Operations Director, Jardine Motor Group commented “BCA have provided an excellent service over many years, but in view of the current economic conditions it is both timely and good business practice to test the market and benchmark results.”

Hankey added “We welcome the challenge of benchmarking our performance against our competitors and have complete faith that our comprehensive remarketing package will continue to outperform the market on an end to end basis, in terms of speed, efficiency and cost against return.”

“BCA’s enhanced marketing capability, multi-faceted service provision and dominance in the online sector – taking 65% of all remarketing traffic every month – are powerful arguments when pitching for business and we are delighted to have secured this volume for our buyer customers to choose from.”

“Buyers and sellers alike are looking for value for money and efficiency at every point of the remarketing compass and BCA are committed to delivering a great service at a fair price for all our customers,” he concluded.