Aston Barclays Auction House in Chelmsford recently hosted the auction of Bangers4BEN cars which raised over £15,000 for the automotive industry charity.

    Aston Barclay Auction

    This year’s event saw 31 teams make a trip to the home of Ferrari in Italy in four days.  Teams were tasked with buying a car for £500 or under which were then sold at this auction.

    Auction day saw a crowd of eager dealers battling to purchase a piece of Bangers4BEN history ending in a total sale price of £15,324.96 with buyers’ fees  of £1,624.96 added, and this amount will rise once sponsorship money is included.

    To find out more about the event and the Bangers4BEN cars that were sold please visit


    BEN’s Events & Exhibitions Co-ordinator, Warren Neal said, “It was a fast pace bidding frenzy for some of the most obscure looking vehicles in a packed auction house, with guest appearances from James Batchelor of Car Dealer Magazine and Mel Bailey-Malcolm from Marshall Motor Group – Mountsorrel Honda, who took to the rostrum in a bid to increase the interest in their cars. Many thanks go to David Scarborough and the team at Aston Barclay for putting on a great show for the participants with selected music for each car and also for the public involved in the Bangers4BEN auction.  We would also like to thank Car Dealer magazine who year on year have put their heart and soul into making this event not only one of the most entertaining in BEN’s calendar but also one of our strongest fundraisers.”