Ball Drop 2011


    ball-drop-2012Have you been looking for a Lady Gaga Live New Year performance on New Year’s Eve? If so then you need to head to New York this New Years Eve. The honor has fallen onto Lady Gaga this year to stand next to Mayor Bloomberg for the annual New Year Eve Ball Drop in New York.

    The best part for her is that the whole world will focus on her, when she presses the button at exactly 11:49 to start the traditional New York Ball Drop for 2011.

    We all know that the New York New Year Ball drop is one of the most watched and biggest events in the world over new years. I live in South Africa and I can remember when I were young watching the New York Ball Drop for the first time on Television.

    The Time Square Ball Drop started on the 31st of December 1907 when it was lowered from a flag pole for the first time, doing the countdown towards the New Year.

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