The Volvo Group (Swedish: Volvokoncernen; legally Aktiebolaget Volvo, usually shortened to AB Volvo) is a Swedish multinational manufacturing company headquartered in Gothenburg. Its core activity is the production, distribution and sale of trucks, buses and construction equipment. Volvo also supplies marine and industrial drive systems and financial services. Although the two firms are still often conflated, Volvo Cars, also based in Gothenburg, has been a totally separate company since it was sold off in 1999.

The companies still share the Volvo logo and co-operate in running the Volvo Museum.

Volvo was established in 1915 as a subsidiary of SKF, the ball bearing manufacturer; however the Volvo Group and Volvo Cars consider themselves to have been officially founded on 14 April 1927, when the first car, the Volvo ÖV 4 series, affectionately known as “Jakob”, rolled out of the factory in Hisingen, Gothenburg.

Volvo: Key to safety at start-up

Volvo Cars’ most recent contribution to road safety is an experimental car equipped with a combined breathalyser and seat belt lock, as well as a special ignition key that regulates the car’s speed. In order to start the engine, the driver must first blow into the built-in breathalyser lock and then fasten the seat belt. […]

Gerald Ferreira

Published : Wednesday August 17, 2005

The Volvo brand name turns 90

It has been rolling for 90 years now, and keeps on rolling – the name VOLVO which first appeared in June 90 years ago on a ball bearing. The name was officially registered on 22 June 1915 after a slight administrative mishap, and was henceforth stamped on the side of the outer race on SKF’s […]

Gerald Ferreira

Published : Wednesday June 1, 2005

A car is a sculpture on wheels, says new design director Steve Mattin

This is the man who, after eighteen years with Mercedes-Benz, is about to set his stamp on the Volvo cars of the future. Taking up his new post as design director on 1 May 2005, Steve Mattin is patently passionate about cars and design. “A car is a sculpture on wheels,” he says.

Gerald Ferreira

Published : Friday May 6, 2005

Volvo S40 & V50 2.0D Advanced common rail turbodiesel

Advanced common rail turbodiesel with frugal consumption broadens powertrain options in S40, V50 Second generation, advanced common rail injection system Variable Nozzle Turbine technology for optimum turbo-boost Fuel consumption of 5,7 litres/100 km recorded in test cycle Catalytic converter reduces CO and HC emissions Particulate filter reduces emissions further Six-speed manual transmission for swift acceleration, […]

Gerald Ferreira

Published : Thursday April 14, 2005

Volvo S40 2.0D SA’s 2005 Car of the Year

SA’s 2005 Car of the Year gets a turbodiesel partner The Volvo S40 range, riding the crest of the wave after its 2.4i derivative was crowned as South Africa’s Car of the Year for 2005, has received another boost with the addition of a powerful turbodiesel engine in the 2.0D.

Gerald Ferreira

Published : Thursday April 14, 2005

Volvo 3CC: From a sustainable mobility project comes a unique solution

Volvo 3CC: From a sustainable mobility project comes a unique solution for safety in small cars – the Volvo Safety Ride Down Concept The Volvo 3CC is the latest in a long line of concept models from Volvo Cars, the result of advanced research into Sustainable Mobility. Volvo’s engineers have paid particular attention to the […]

Gerald Ferreira

Published : Saturday March 5, 2005

Volvo 3CC – Volvo Car Corporation offers a new approach to sustainable mobility

Spurred by the growing need to tackle congestion and pollution issues, Volvo Car Corporation has developed a radically new approach to sustainable mobility with a striking concept; a sport car with a ‘surprise in the back’. Volvo Car Corporation has committed itself to pursuing a sustainable mobility future with the same focus on energy and […]

Gerald Ferreira

Published : Friday March 4, 2005

Volvo S60 – a sporty 4-door sedan

S60 – a sporty 4-door sedan with coupé lines and generous interior The Volvo S60 was launched as a somewhat smaller sedan than the Volvo S80, with a design brief to create a car with the same basic lines and safety as the S80 model, but in a more compact body and with a sportier […]

Gerald Ferreira

Published : Tuesday February 15, 2005

Volvo V70 The spacious family car

The spacious family car – safer, more elegant and with even better driving properties Increased focus on elegance, comfort and driving properties New front with elegant appearance and re-designed head lamps New rear bumper and re-designed transparent tail lamps Faster gearchanges with automatic transmission Transmission from the R-models Active chassis with second-generation FOUR-C also on […]

Gerald Ferreira

Published : Tuesday February 15, 2005

Volvo XC70 is a real adventurer’s car with its own unique appeal

When the Volvo XC90 was introduced in 2002, there were people who thought that the in-house competition would badly hurt the company’s highly successful Volvo XC70. They were soon to be proved wrong – the exposure of the XC90 with its similar All-Wheel Drive system led to renewed appeal for the XC70 as the entire […]

Gerald Ferreira

Published : Saturday February 5, 2005

Volvo seat is benchmark for Whiplash Protection

All Volvo’s car models tested by the International Insurance Whiplash Prevention Group (IIWPG) were found to be in the best class. The Volvo Car Corporation was the only manufacturer to have their entire range achieve the best class rating. “We are very pleased that the Volvo cars have performed in line with our expectations,” says […]

Gerald Ferreira

Published : Monday November 15, 2004

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