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Toyota Tour De Virtuale Season 2

The first season of the Toyota Tour de Virtuale ecycling tournament saw local riders put their fitness and cycling intuition to the test for cash prizes and the chance to

Breyten Odendaal

Published : Tuesday July 12, 2022

Virtual Reality is about to change the way we tell stories

In today’s economic times some parents find it more and more difficult to spend quality time with their children. Unlike in the old days where fathers used to be the breadwinners and mothers stayed at home spending hours with their children teaching and stimulating their minds in many cases both parents have to work.   […]

Gerald Ferreira

Published : Friday December 11, 2015

5 Awesome Virtual Reality Games

Virtual Reality may have had many failures in its path but now that the technology is more affordable than ever it is quickly becoming a reality. Technology giants like Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Sony are betting big on Virtual Reality

Gerald Ferreira

Published : Friday December 11, 2015

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in the Automotive Industry

Microsoft in January 2015 announced their Hololens Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality glasses. These glasses will allow people to break out of the usual way of interacting with technology. Instead of being confined to sitting in front of your computer the hololens seems to be able to let you interact with “Technology” everywhere. It mixes […]

Gerald Ferreira

Published : Saturday December 5, 2015

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