Li-Ion King: New Ford Test for Hybrid Vehicle Batteries Simulates 10 Years of Use in 10 Months’ Time

New Ford battery life validation protocol draws on two decades of electrified vehicle field experience to predict how lithium-ion (li-ion) batteries are likely to perform as far as 150,000 miles down the road Battery reliability has been identified as the top purchase consideration for potential customers, beating out other factors including fuel efficiency Ford is […]

Gerald Ferreira

Published : Wednesday December 12, 2012

Ford Earns Nearly 500 Hybrid Patents

Ford Earns Nearly 500 Hybrid Patents with 47-mpg Fusion Hybrid, Projected as America’s Most Fuel-Efficient Sedan New Ford innovations have led to a 50-fold increase in hybrid patents to nearly 500, which is expected to help the new Fusion Hybrid achieve an unprecedented 47 mpg and would make it America’s most fuel-efficient, non-rechargeable sedan Ford’s […]

Gerald Ferreira

Published : Tuesday February 14, 2012

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