Fiat Revolutionary 900cc TwinAir two-cylinder engine debuts in the Cinquecento

To celebrate the Cinquecento’s third birthday, Fiat is introducing an innovative 900cc TwinAir two-cylinder 63 kW / 85 HP which will be marketed in Europe starting from September on the 500 (hatch and cabrio alike). This revolutionary engine will definitely ‘worm’ its way into South African Cinquecentos in 2011.

Gerald Ferreira

Published : Monday July 19, 2010

Fiat Groups 1.4 MultiAir turbo engine range wins prestigious BEST NEW ENGINE OF THE YEAR award

The Fiat Powertrain Techonogies (FPT) 1.4 Turbo engines, the first to incorporate revolutionary Multiair technology, won the prestigious “Engine of the Year” award in the best new engine of the year category. These innovative four-cylinder engines combine Multiair, the electro-hydraulic management of the inlet valves, with turbocharger, setting new efficiency standards.

Gerald Ferreira

Published : Monday June 28, 2010

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