Super Bowl 2014 Ads – Chevrolet Motor Company Advertisement

Brand bullish on ‘Romance,’ first of two Super Bowl XLVIII spots

Gerald Ferreira

Published : Wednesday January 29, 2014

Chevrolet Revs up DreamWorks Animation’s Turbo

Global campaign features custom concept Camaro based on vehicle from film DETROIT – Chevrolet will help power a little snail named Turbo in the upcoming DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc. (Nasdaq: DWA) feature film bearing his name. The collaboration between Chevrolet and DreamWorks Animation will engage fans in the U.S. and select international markets and serve […]

Gerald Ferreira

Published : Wednesday May 29, 2013

Valentines Day – Chevrolet Gets Lots of Love from Fans on Twitter

Chevrolet Gets Lots of Love from Fans on Twitter Brand has highest number of positive tweets of any automaker in past year DETROIT – On Valentine’s Day, people around the world celebrate the ones they love. The word ‘love’ has been used on Twitter to describe Chevrolets over 55,000 times in the past year giving […]

Gerald Ferreira

Published : Thursday February 14, 2013


Lake Buena Vista, Florida, U.S.A. – The efforts of Chevrolet designers and Walt Disney Imagineers are now on display at Walt Disney World Resort where Test Track presented by Chevrolet opened to the public today.

Gerald Ferreira

Published : Monday December 10, 2012

Fans Can Win by Sharing Next Chevrolet Super Bowl Ad

Route 66 grand prize winner to be shown during Super Bowl XLVI DETROIT – Independent film makers from 32 countries are offering their interpretations of Chevrolet’s “Everyday Hero” for a chance to have their 30-second ad aired during the telecast of Super Bowl XLVI. Now, fans can cash in by sharing with their friends their […]

Gerald Ferreira

Published : Monday December 26, 2011

Rob Dyrdek Successfully Kick Flips All-New Chevy Sonic

VALENCIA, Calif. – MTV-reality and action sports-star Rob Dyrdek successfully performed a kick flip in the all-new 2012 Chevrolet Sonic on Saturday. A kick flip – a 360-degree rotation in mid-air – is a common stunt on a skateboard. Not so much in a vehicle. But Dyrdek, host of MTV’s Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness, and […]

Gerald Ferreira

Published : Sunday December 18, 2011

GM Korea Chevrolet Customers Create World Largest Car Logo

Set new Guinness World Record in celebration of brand’s centennial Seoul – GM Korea Company got a jump start on the upcoming celebration of the centennial of Chevrolet, as 1,143 of its customers gathered in Pyeongchang, Gangwon, to create the largest Chevrolet bow tie and set a new Guinness World Record. This was part of […]

Gerald Ferreira

Published : Monday September 26, 2011


Within the highly successful General Motors brand line-up Chevrolet stands out as not only the most recognisable but also the largest selling brand within the organisation. In 2008 over 4 million new Chevrolets were registered making it the third largest selling global automotive brand for the year.

Gerald Ferreira

Published : Tuesday September 22, 2009

Chevrolet Europe Takes Design Online

Unique interactive website gives insight into Chevrolet’s new car design Four years after the highly successful re-launch of the brand across Europe, Chevrolet presents a unique interactive website exploring the world of the brand’s car design, including Chevrolet design characteristics, concept cars and globe-spanning design teamwork.

Gerald Ferreira

Published : Monday February 2, 2009

Chevrolet offers an exceptional experience

Last week Chevrolet took the five winners of the Pan-European Young? Creative? Chevrolet! on an exclusive trip to the photo shoot of the 2009 commercial catalogue in Madrid, Spain. While there was a lot of fun to be had in learning about the photo-shoot process, it was the cars that really overwhelmed the five students […]

Gerald Ferreira

Published : Tuesday September 9, 2008

Daring student design epitomises Chevrolet Racing

Horses have for centuries been a symbol of power and speed. In fact the American measurement for engine power is based on a standard referred to as horsepower. This can be viewed as a tribute to the magnificence of the animal. It is from this premise that young student, Adi Sumic from the Slovenian school […]

Gerald Ferreira

Published : Monday June 23, 2008

Chevrolet brand has global appeal

South Africans are increasingly seeing a rapidly growing number of Chevrolet cars on our roads. It’s a phenomenon that’s also happening in Europe, and is testament to Chevrolet’s global appeal. Chevrolet has only been in Europe since 2003 but with 4.5 million new registrations in 2007, it is the third largest car brand in the […]

Gerald Ferreira

Published : Monday June 2, 2008

Chevrolet and Leonid head and shoulders above the rest

When you’re a towering 2.59 meters tall, buying a car is not easy. In fact driving one is even more difficult but the world’s tallest man, Leonid Stadnyk (36) does not need to worry about that anymore. On 23 March, Ukrainian president Viktor Yushchenko presented Leonid with the keys to a shiny blue Chevrolet Tacuma […]

Gerald Ferreira

Published : Monday June 2, 2008

General Motors South Africa reaches milestone with Chevrolet SS Ute

The 1000th Ute will be exported to South Africa in 2008 from GM Holden in Australia. This marks the fifth year of export to South Africa for GM Holden. Badged a Holden VE Ute in Australia and a Chevrolet Lumina Ute in South Africa, it’s an incredible vehicle that combines sports car performance and handling […]

Gerald Ferreira

Published : Monday April 21, 2008

Chevy K.I.T.T.Y

The very essence of debonair, a young gentleman strides casually out of a shopping centre towards a car-park, heaving with vehicles of much less prestige, heritage and flair than his own. Bypassing the need to scan the sea of inferior jalopies to locate his ride, he coolly slides his hand into the back pocket of […]

Gerald Ferreira

Published : Friday February 29, 2008

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