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The Auto Expo 2012 India Car Show starts today 5th January 2012. The 5th and 6th January is open only to the media. If you are looking for images of the Auto Expo 2012 event you can bookmark the 3D Car Shows site or add us on



We will soon start to add photos and images from the Auto Expo event to the 3D Car Shows site.

Auto Expo Images of the New XA Alpha Suzuki

Here is some of the first images of the Suzuki XA Alpha Concept vehicles that we have just received. For more images of the Suzuki XA Alpha from Auto Expo you can visit

Auto Expo 2012 India Suzuki Concept XA Alpha unveiled

 here you will find more information and images on the New XA Alpha Suzuki!

Suzuki Maruti XA Alpha 2012

Auto Expo Images 2012

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