Auto Expo 2012 India and NAIAS 2012 USA


Auto Expo 2012

The Auto Expo 2012 Car Show has started its engines last week and many motor enthusiasts were thrilled and amazed with all the Cars and Bikes on display at the Auto Expo 2012 event. Tomorrow is your last chance to attend the Auto Expo 2012 this year. After tomorrow the Auto Expo 2012 event will close and you will have to wait for the Auto Expo 2014 event in 2 years.

The Auto Expo Car Show is the second biggest Car Show in the world, but we believe it could soon become the biggest if the venue can host more visitors at the time. At this moment the Event Center can only accommodate +/- 100 000 visitors per day. We understand that there is many more people that would like to attend than what is possible simply due to the size of the event center.

The restricted size and space of Auto Expo 2012 also could not cater for all the companies that wanted to display at the Auto Expo and many companies were turned down simply because the Auto Expo 2012 venue did not have enough physical space to accommodate all the visitors.

If you still want to go to the 2012 Auto Expo you need to do it tomorrow otherwise you will have to wait another 2 years.

NAIAS 2012 Detroit Car Show

Detroit Auto Show

If you have attended or missed the Auto Expo 2012 Car Show you have to take a look at the North American International Auto Show 2012 which has started on the 9th of January 2012 in the USA.

The car show has seen more than 40 new cars entering the market for the first time. The Detroit Motor Show is one of the Biggest Car Shows in the US if it is not the Biggest.

Many Automotive manufacturers hold out on launches to make a big impact at the Detroit Car Show. The amount of free media representation that they get from such a show saves them big marketing bucks each year.

So far we have seen some stunning new cars and concept cars being premiered at the NAIAS 2012 North American International Auto Show.

We here at 3D Car Shows have covered both events the Auto Expo 2012 and the Detroit Car Show 2012. We highly recommend you browse though our Detroit Car Shows pages to see some of the most stunning cars launched so far this year!