Johann Verster

Name & Surname: Johann Verster
Title: Journalist
Telephone Number: +27 83 309 2993
Johann Verster was born December 30, 1960 in the City of Krugersdorp.
Gender: Male
Nationality: South Africa
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About Johann Verster

Starting in the world of newspaper reporting back in the early 1980s, Johann Verster used his skill of finding leads as crime reporter to get a foot in the door to other areas of journalism.

First as travel writer and later as aviation reporter, Johann saw most of the world – “I’ve been everywhere except down under”. As motoring editor of a major Afrikaans language national newspaper, he turned international events into something of a speciality – one night on the plane, one night at the destination attending launches and motor shows, and one night on the plane back to South Africa.

A career of over 30 years includes many highlights combining his three ambitions – travelling, aviation and motoring, including learning to fly himself.

Today Johann lives in Cape Town where he works as freelance journalist, editor and translator