Gerald Ferreira

Name & Surname: Gerald Ferreira
Title: Founder
Telephone Number: +27 72 234 7513
Gerald Ferreira was born November 14, 1976 in the City of Potchefstroom.
Gender: Male
Nationality: South Africa
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About Gerald Ferreira

Gerald Ferreira is the founder of the 3D Car Shows website. The website was started in 2004 and was initially part of a Virtual Reality experiment that Gerald Ferreira undertook. The original purpose of the 3D Car Shows site was to feature Virtual Reality Tours of Auto Shows and Dealerships. Although this technology was available at the time, it was ahead of its time.

In 2012 the site was reborn and focused on South African and International Automotive News. In 2017 the site was redesigned to focus again on South African motoring news as well as Virtual Reality in the Automotive Industry.

Gerald Ferreira is a Web Developer, Software Developer, Serial Entrepreneur and Innovator. He is one of the Directors of the 3D Car Shows site, but has various interests in other companies that specialize in online marketing and Virtual Reality.

He understands Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing, and have a proven track record of online marketing and media success.