Australian elections 2013


Today 7 September 2013 if you visit Google Australia you will find the Google Doodle for the “Australian elections 2013”. The doodle illustrates the concept of voting and the root the voting ticket takes before landing in the voting box.

Australian elections 2013

The Australian Elections 2013 or also known as the Federal Elections 2013 is at the time of writing underway in Australia to determine the members of the 44th Parliament of Australia. The Prime Minister Mr Kevin Rudd is hoping to win the election again, to have his third term serve in the Australian Parliament.

The proclamation dissolving parliament and formally beginning the election period, was issued by the Governor-General, Quentin Bryce, on 5 August 2013. The writs of election were subsequently issued by Bryce and the state governors.

Since 1925 voting in the Australian Elections have been compulsory. Voting in Australia’s federal elections has been compulsory since 1925. For the House of Representatives, a preferential ballot system has been in use since 1919, in single-member seats. For the Senate – the proportionally representative upper house – a single transferable vote system has been in use since 1949, with optional group voting tickets since 1984. The election will be conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC).

I personally love the way that Google make use of their doodles, to remind us about important events. If you are in Australia happy voting!