Australia Day 2013 – Google Doodle


Australia Day 2013 – Google Doodle

Australia Day

Today 26 January 2013 is National Australia Day 2013. Google have decided to celebrate the Australia Day with a special Google Doodle, reminding everyone that it is National Australia Day. In the Australia Day Google Doodle one can see the lines of the land, and in front of the doodle there is a kangaroo and a baby kangaroo and the baby kangaroo is waiving the Australian flag, which seems appropriate. The Australia Day Google Doodle looks cute, and there is something friendly and inviting in the image that made me want to click and read more about Australia Day.

Australia Day have been formerly known as “Anniversary Day”, “Foundation Day” and even “ANA Day” is now known as the Official National Day of Australia. The day is celebrated on January 26 every year and commemorates the arrival of the first ships to arrive at Sydney Cove in 1788. It is believed that the first Australia Day have been celebrated as early as 1808, and the first official Australia Day celebrations in 1818.

Wikipedia Australia Day

“It is an official public holiday in every state and territory in the country, and is marked by the presentation of the Australian of the Year Awards on Australia Day Eve, announcement of the Australia Day Honor’s list and addresses from the Governor-General and Prime Minister. With community festivals, concerts and citizenship ceremonies, the day is celebrated in large and small communities and cities around the nation. Australia Day has become the biggest annual civic event in the country” – by Wikipedia on Australia Day

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Australia Day 2013

Happy Australia Day

If you are celebrating Australia Day, we here at 3D Car Shows want to wish you a happy Australia Day, may you have a wonderful day and a wealthy, healthy and prosperous 2013.