Audi Winter Tyres




Audi models can benefit from major gains in traction, control and safety with approved winter tyre and wheel options

  • Audi Centres across the country can now offer winter wheel and tyre sets priced from £799 to £3,659 for all current Audi models
  • Tyre-only sets also available priced from £540 to £1,300
  • Previous generation models can also benefit from a set of winter tyres for as little as £325
  • Attractive 16-inch to 20-inch wheel designs shod with high quality winter tyres from premium manufacturers are delivered complete and ready to fit
  • Winter tyres’ special rubber compound offers significant benefits in grip and braking effectiveness at temperatures below +7 degrees C in snow, and also boosts traction and reduces risk of aquaplaning on wet roads at these temperatures
  • One year’s complimentary Audi Roadside Assistance cover with wheel or tyre orders
  • ‘Tyre hotel’ storage service is available for a hassle-free experience

As the prospect of more potentially perilous winter weather looms, even Audi drivers safeguarded by quattro all-wheel-drive should seriously consider reaping the major benefits offered by the latest Audi approved winter wheels and tyres.

Audi Winter Tyres

Now available from Audi Centres across the country, the attractive range of 16-inch to 20-inch alloy wheels with even higher anti-corrosion resistance incorporates tyres constructed from a special rubber compound that thrives in temperatures of below +7 degrees centigrade. They bring significant gains in traction and overall control, not only in snow but also in extreme wet conditions at low temperatures, which have to be felt to be believed.

Whereas conventional tyres become stiffer and less flexible at low temperatures, the winter compounds remain softer and more pliable, and consequently better able to maintain grip. They also benefit from a special tread pattern that optimises water displacement, and additional grooves, called sipes, within the tread blocks which interlock with the surface to maximise traction.

The wheel and tyre sets range in price from £799 for the A1 premium compact hatchback to £3,659 for the RS 4 Avant, and are delivered to Audi Centres ready to fit. For tyres only, prices range from £540 to £1,300. In conjunction with the quattro all-wheel-drive system that is available across the vast majority of Audi ranges, they create some of the most steadfastly agile and reassuring models in which to weather our increasingly challenging driving conditions.

Also available are tyre-only options for previous generation Audi models, allowing drivers to keep their current wheel rims. Owners of Audi A3 models built between 1997 and 2003 can purchase four fitted winter tyres for just £325, while a set of four tyres for A4 models built between 2001 and 2007 can be fitted from £540.

For maximum peace-of-mind, Audi models which are outside of their original new car warranty period, and which are newly fitted with a set of Audi winter wheels and tyres, will benefit from one  year’s complimentary Audi Roadside Assistance cover, offered for a limited period from the point of purchase at an Audi Centre*.

To complement the winter tyre programme, Audi Centres can also offer customers a ‘tyre hotel’ service to store winter or summer tyres when they are not needed. For just £120 including VAT, tyres will be stored for 12 months in Audi branded wheel bags ready to use on request.

Audi drivers seeking enhanced winter protection can find more information by contacting their local Audi Centre or visiting

*Terms and conditions apply.