Audi A3: Four “Euro NCAP advanced” awards

  • Euro NCAP consortium presents awards for innovative active safety systems
  • Awards for brake assistance and warning functions are included

Audi Euro Ncap Award

The Euro NCAP consortium has honored the Audi A3 with no fewer than four “Euro NCAP advanced” awards. Awards are presented for innovative accident prevention systems that go beyond legally prescribed standards for passive safety.

The new Audi A3 is one of the first car in the compact class to offer no fewer than four safety system which have received awards from the Euro-NCAP consortium:

Pre sense basic autonomously detects critical driving situations and initiates suitable actions to better protect occupants in a potential collision. They include reversible tensioning of the safety belts and closing of the car’s windows and the sunroof.

Audi pre sense front informs the driver if the gap to the vehicle ahead in traffic drops below a safe distance. In addition, the system warns of critical situations, and if necessary it can automatically initiate emergency braking. This reduces the vehicle’s speed at the time of collision, and in the best case it can prevent an accident altogether.

If it is no longer possible to avoid a collision, the secondary collision brake assistant supports the driver with specific braking maneuvers during the accident sequence. This can prevent uncontrolled skidding of the car, which in turn helps to avoid further collisions.

Based on images from a camera in the windshield, Audi active lane assist is able to recognize lane marker lines on the roadway. If the vehicle starts to leave the driving lane, it reacts with corrective steering interventions. The system is designed for freeways and country highways with speed limits over 65 km/h (40.39 mph).