Atari Breakout


Today when I visited my Google+ Profile I could not help to notice that the term #Breakout was one of the top trending terms in Google+ and had no idea that it was in fact about one of my favourite childhood games, the “Atari Breakout” game.

Atari Breakout

Today when one look at games it is very modern, graphic intensive and some games use real video material to make them seem ultra-realistic, yet I cannot help to think what games would be like in 37 years from now. The Atari Breakout game was originally released in April 1976, coincidently the same year as when I was born.

When I first started playing the Atari Breakout game I must have been 6 or 7 years old, and the graphics at the time was so amazing and seemed so real! In my wildest dreams, and I believe many kids felt that they could do little to improve the quality of the game and its graphics. In the early years of computers most kids that played computer games though in monochrome colours, typically green and black or yellow and black.

Today 37 years later after the debut of Atari Breakout it is still a classic game, and can be highly addictive if you play against another player, or if you are trying to get the high score for the Atari Breakout game.

The Atari Breakout Easter egg

Atari Breakout Game

To see what all the fuzz is about the “Atari Breakout” game and to see the Google version of the game, you can simply go to the Google Search engine and search for Atari Breakout, in the image search. If you wait a few seconds the “Atari Breakout” game should launch and you can play the game. The game does not look like the original “Atari Breakout” game but the concept is similar.

You need to move a block at the bottom of the screen, and hit a ball, the ball will then hit blocks at the top, smashing these blocks and adding to your points, the more blocks you hit, the more points you get until you hit all the blocks, and a new game starts. To make things interesting you only have a limited amount of chances to hit all the blocks. If you miss hitting the ball, you lose one of your chances.

You can get additional balls (Life) as bonuses which are part of the scoring system.

If you haven’t played “Atari Breakout” yet, you should search for Atari Breakout and try it for yourself, and if you have been a smashing youngster who played Atari Breakout, you will get some fond memories if you play it again.

The Atari Breakout game, offer you the chance to submit your high score to Google+ after the game has ended, and you can follow the hashtag #Breakout to see what other people are scoring playing the “Atari Breakout” game.