Ashley Hayden drives off in a new Volvo XC60


During the recent Survivor charity event in Cape Town, Ashley Hayden showed her softer side as she handed out gifts to homeless children now residing in one of the Homestead houses.

Homestead is a 23-year-old NGO that operates seven Cape Town-based projects for street children. The Homestead focuses exclusively on boys (the majority of street children are boys) while a sister shelter called ‘Ons Plek’ attends to the girls. The Homestead was Ashley’s charity of choice during Survivor and helping children in need is a cause that’s extremely close to her heart.

Swedo Car Cape Town generously donated 100 Volvo Frisbees and, according to Ashley,” the kids from the Homestead were so pleased – we gave them the frisbees and the beanies, and you would have thought it was Christmas! It gives you a real sense of perspective on life as to how blessed we are with all we have.”

Local celebrity Ashley Hayden showed her mettle on Survivor South Africa, by outwitting, outplaying and outlasting, in one of the most gruelling competitions, right to the very end. It was only in the final that she lost to fellow Survivor, GiGi.

After making it through Survivor, Ashley is no doubt enjoying the return to her various business interests as well as her charity work. But one of this Survivor’s biggest treats will definitely be when she takes delivery of her brand-new Volvo XC60.

Volvo Car South Africa is extremely proud to have Ashley Hayden representing the brand and looks forward to a long and exciting partnership with one of the toughest Survivors in the game.