As the clocks spring forward so does gem support for lighter later


With the clocks going forward this Sunday, we will all enjoy an extra hour of daylight in the evenings, but now is also the time to recognise the important impact it has on road safety. GEM Motoring Assist, the number one for breakdown cover in the UK and road safety organisation, is in full support of Lighter Later, the campaign to stop the practice of daylight saving, to ensure road safety is not jeopardised by shorter daylight hours.

Lighter Later proposes that Britain’s clocks are shifted forward by one hour throughout the year, so an hour of daylight moves from the morning to the evening, which campaigners believe will have a significant positive impact on road safety, energy saving, and the general health and wellbeing of the nation.

Yet, despite 120 MPs and more than 90 organisations in favour of the bill, the House of Commons session in January ran out of time before the motion could be passed.

David Williams MBE, CEO of GEM Motoring Assist, comments:“We were bitterly disappointed by the outcome of the Daylight Saving Bill earlier this year. However, we continue to show our unwavering support for the Lighter Later campaign, particularly as May approaches; a time when the campaign has another chance to be put forward to Parliament.

“However, the campaign needs as much backing as possible, so we urge road users, businesses, campaigners and MPs to help push it forward. Knowing that we can act now to reduce road accident rates, which continue to rise each autumn directly after the clocks go back, is a key reason to support the campaign. Introducing lighter evenings throughout the year will make our roads a safer place by increasing visibility and, in turn, help to reduce the dangers to pedestrians, cyclists and motorists alike.

“Setting the clocks so we can enjoy more hours of daylight will also help the nation save on electricity bills and hugely decrease the amount of pollution caused by electric lights. With numerous benefits, the change is welcomed by GEM,” David concludes.

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