Are you going to the Johannesburg Motor Show 2011


This is just a quick reminder to everyone interested to attend the Johannesburg Motor Show 2011. Time is getting short to plan your visit to the Johannesburg Motor Show, there is only 7 days left before the engines start at this years Johannesburg International Motor Show!

Honda Asimo

The Johannesburg Motor Show 8th October 2011 to 16th October 2011 at the Nasrec Conventional Center, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Rugby fans interested in attending this years motor show have a big surprise waiting for them. The organizers of the

Johannesburg Motor Show

 have created one of the biggest supporter areas for the Springbok’s during the show. Visitors will be able to follow the rugby world cup and also see all the cars and automobiles in action at the Johannesburg Motor Show.

It would also be nice to watch the games, with thousands of supporters instead of your living room.

The Johannesburg Motor Show is returning after a 3 years absence back to Johannesburg, and the Motor Manufacturers and Dealers attending the show have promised exciting stuff at the show. Once again visitors to the show will see exclusive concept cars at the show. Usually one does not get to see the concept cars and the Johannesburg Motor Show is the only way for South Africans to get to see these cars.

The Johannesburg Motor Show also have a 4×4 track where visitors will be able to see their favorite off-road and 4×4 vehicles in action. This is usually one of the events at the show that attracts the most visitors.

The Johannesburg Motor Show also have in-house showrooms, where the leading automotive manufacturers in South Africa display their new cars, as well as use the Johannesburg Motor Show as a platform to introduce new models and vehicles into the South African Market.

Even if you are not the biggest Car enthusiast you will still enjoy the show, there is something exciting in the air every time the Johannesburg Motor Show is on! – Honda is also bringing their Humanoid Robot Asimo to the show, and it is just amazing to see how much technology, innovation and engineering have gone into creating the Asimo Honda Robot!