Arcom Brityrex Tyre Show 2012


Arcom was established in 1996 and it’s principle activity is the production of welded, leight metal storage construction, mainly for the automotive and logistic industry. The largest part of the Company’s production is the tyre industry.

Arcom Industrial Storage

Available to customers are all kinds of stillages, racks, trolleys for tyre transport and pallets for all kinds of tyres; e.g. small tyres as used on ATV’s and scooters, medium-sized tyres as used on motorcycles and cars, large tyres used for agricultural vehicles and giant tyres as used for special vehicles.

Arcom products are designed to be appropriate for the type of premises: garages, shops, factories, etc. in which they will be installed and to more and more popular tyres’ storage (hotels for tyres).

We are one of the leading European companies producing storage products for the tyre industry. Over 95% of our production is exported to 30 countries on 5 continents. Many Polish companies have observed the effectiveness of our warehousing solutions and they have started to adopt them.

Our customers’ comments over the last few years have been of exceptional importance to us. We take very careful note of these to produce a product that exactly matches the needs of the market.

Apart from tyres we also produce pallets for components and spare parts for automotive industry and industrial needs. Our design office can produce customer’s specific designs; even short production runs. We can also, if you wish, organise the transport of our goods to your premises.

Well-qualified staff plus modern high-technology machinery (e.g. welding robot, state-of-theart powder coating plant, etc.) ensure that our products are of the highest quality and durability.

We implement ISO 9001-2000 and have TUV Test + Monitoring from the Welding Institute. We produce from raw materials which have CE certificate. We take care of the environment very seriously. Wherever it’s possible we save energy and use environmentally friendly methods.

We encourage you to make yourself familiar with our full offer. We shall gladly answer all questions, provide consulting and help to choose the most optimal system for your storehouse.