TRL Software presented its latest ground breaking version of ARCADY to its customers at its head office in Berkshire, on Thursday 16th February.

ARCADY is TRL’s world leading software for the assessment of roundabout capacity, delay and accident risk and is specified exclusively for use in the UK on all traffic impact assessments concerning the design or redesign of roundabouts.

Now the next generation of transport modelling will see the release of the latest version of ARCADY8 combining both ARCADY and PICADY functionality together in one interface. The PICADY functionality is delivered by the new Priority Intersection Module – a complete rewrite in itself! For the first time, this means PICADY users can now model alternative layouts to an intersection with multiple time periods simultaneously, something which up until now only ARCADY users have been able to do.  ARCADY 8 also delivers individual entry lane simulation on roundabouts, a roundabout bypass lane facility and basic and advanced modes, with setup wizards to help users get up to speed as quickly as is possible.

The Entry Lane Analysis model is an additional tool for engineers to analyse the queues that are likely to happen in each individual entry lane. This takes ARCADY further into the design process and empowers designers and engineers with a tool that they have not had before to aid them in achieving efficient lane configurations at the intersection. The tool is highly graphical and quickly gives a clear animation (something that has not been a feature of ARCADY previously) whereby the user can see if a queue is likely to be imbalanced and whether lane starvation (an empty and unused piece of tarmac) is likely to occur.

The additional Autotrack Junctions link that was a paid for extra with ARCADY 7 is now included as standard in the product!

For TRL’s customers in the US and Canada, included is the American HCM 2010 Roundabout Capacity Equation for roundabout analysis. This is the first time that a non-TRL model has been included in its software making ARCADY8 an even more attractive option for overseas engineers to cover all bases .

And finally, TRL is not forgetting those who are just starting out in the traffic engineering world, as a student version of ARCADY8 will be made available.

Gavin Jackman, TRL Head of Traffic and Software commented: “Thirty years of development has contributed to making ARCADY the market leader it is.  Now with this latest version, we have effectively delivered a one stop shop for traffic engineers. In tough times we know we have to “up our game” and we think we have pulled out all the stops with this release.”