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APS of Brackley is delighted to announce that it’s offering a full range of Revo Technik ECU remaps. Covering all popular VAG turbo petrol, turbodiesel and normally aspirated applications including the Audi R8, the 2.0-TFSI Audi TT, Audi TT RS, the new RS3, the Golf MK V, Mk VI and SEAT Leon models, the Revo Technik software platform offers a winning combination of performance, reliability and user control.

The Volkswagen Audi Group have strict requirements to be met by each and every vehicle they produce; performance and power output is often governed by emissions laws and corporate marketing policy. Add to this the fact that most VAG vehicles have to cope in varying climates over the globe whilst running on varying quality of fuels and you’re left with cars that run nowhere near to their true potential. This is where Revo Technik comes in and opens up the untapped performance from VAG vehicles.

Revo Technik’s Performance Software unleashes the true potential of a large range of Audi, SEAT, Skoda and Volkswagen turbo petrol and turbodiesel cars; by improving power, torque, drivability and responsiveness, whilst working within factory safety parameters and retaining smoothness, reliability and fuel economy.

All of Revo’s software, programming and tuning equipment is designed in house and the Revo performance software is installed by APS of Brackley without any physical alterations to the majority of customer’s VAG Group machines.

With a wide variety of different ‘staged’ ECU remaps available from Stage 1 for standard mechanical specification engines to Stage 3 ECU remaps for cars with extensive hardware modifications, Revo Technik has a performance code to fulfil every requirement.

Typical performance improvements on VAG engines using Revo Technik Stage 1 ECU remaps:-

VAG Petrol powerplants:-

1.8-T                 plus 30-50 bhp / 25-35 lb.ft

1.8-TFSI            plus 60 bhp / 90 lb.ft

2.0-TFSI            plus 35-60 bhp / 50-80 lb.ft

2.0L Tsi             plus 35-45 bhp / 80-90 lb.ft

2.7T                  plus 50-55 bhp / 70-125lb.ft

4.2T                  plus 65 bhp / 45 lb.ft

VAG Turbocharged diesel powerplants:-

1.4 TDi              plus 33 bhp / 37 lb.ft

1.9 TDi              plus 35-50 bhp / 50 lb.ft

2.0 TDi              plus 45 bhp / 53 lb.ft

3.0 TDi              plus 44 bhp / 28 lb.ft

VAG Normally aspirated powerplants:-

3.2-litre V6        plus 10-20 bhp / 15-20 lb.ft

4.2-litre V8        plus 10-20 bhp / 15-20 lb.ft

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Revo Technik also offers more control than its rivals, thanks to its unique Serial Port Switching (SPS) system (which is available as a cost option.) Revo’s SPS features variable boost, throttle, timing and fuel adjustment for certain vehicles allowing the user to set the car up to run efficiently with any fuel quality and in varying conditions.

With Revo’s SPS+ software Boost, throttle, timing and fuel adjustments can be uploaded directly to the ECU using the software communication mode. The SPS has a stock mode and three “user based” modes. These modes allow the user to custom configure their performance settings and upload them to the SPS.

Changes to ECU settings can then be made using just the Revo SPS tool. These saved settings can be changed and re-saved using the software as your mechanical upgrades or environmental conditions permit. Combined with the ability to revert to stock programming, and Revo’s unique anti-theft mode, the SPS is unmatched in its ability to provide the highest levels of control and flexibility for VAG drivers. For more information please click on:- revotechnik.com/index.php?mod=sps_software_downloads

Priced from just £199.00, the full range of Revo Technik ECU remaps is available now from leading VAG specialist APS of Brackley.

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